Burn (YF YB) [prod. Underbelly]

by DGA

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Yo fuck, you burn.
Don't worry about it.


(ah shit... it got in my fuckin shirt….aight, uh, could someone get me the shotgun)

Yo fuck, you burn
I’m laughing at your motherfuckin casket

yo fuck, you burn
I’m cracking up to you fuckin bastards

yo fuck you burn
and you better put money on that
flesh on tilt from front to the back
Eyes all wide like a spider hold em
open up to him then fuckin choke em
I keep my lips sewn up no ship go
Blown out brain on pinto nympho
itty bitty fuckin bug up in my shirt
I gasolina all my soul and show the fucker outta hell and back...
Put a micro chip down in the balls of these fucks so they don’t fuck around
Strut your fuckin money show em all what you own and get muscled down bitch hustle now
Everybody really bucking now,
F P S yall ducking down
fuck don’t laugh know it goes on quick better shut that mouth asshole go choke on
brain moldy, dick dusty, we all shit but I’m out the mind
spit in mouths but y’all shit disgust me I ain’t wasting one ounce of mine
not a millimeter not a fuckin drop, tween your fingers I fuckin pop
Fill a dome with all manner elements vomit all and y’all run to cops
Bitch you nothing but a fuckin rodent, lay traps I’m psychoactive
I best effect you some type of way or I’m nothing and I might slide away
So look me in the eye and tell me if you are even worth one shit
Look me in the eye n tell me truly do you deserve to live

(I’m sorry I just fuckin hate insects…in my organs, I-I’m not mad though)

Yo fuck, you burn (burn...)
Yo fuck, you burn (burn...)

I honestly don’t give a shit what Michael Jackson did
Its not a shock I’m being honest
Shockingly I spit a bit of mescaline up in a dish
and cough until I vomit
Walking out to greco roman buildings with an ai wei wei
Blocking out an image while I slip into the right away
Chalk it up to living in a vessel full o flesh I guess
I’m flipping out and giving up I hope that I don’t die today
and I wake up, break in my day when I’m like fuck it then
anybody into anybody’s antibodies oughtta piss into the eye wide open, hoping
I don’t get no residuals out all my night thoughts
got my own blind spots I block all my mind off
My bones don’t feel right
might just crack in the midnight homie
hop up out the exo best known for mandibles in insides I’m zoning
Gas n lighting up all my clothing, got the vibe and its eating at me
Roll out bed with a half on head yall see a sapien I see anatomy
(Ay) I might pass out then ice up and then wait it out
play with the mind like these flies aint got me on a race to the breaking down
tsall a man can do really right now
say goodbye to the building I’m out
wait in line for the thrill of it
now raise your eyes to the billions and then burn

(Excuse me officer but I seem to have lost my spiders)


released September 6, 2015
Production: Underbelly (Timmy Linetsky)
Vocals: DGA (Ross Cardillo)



all rights reserved


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DGA Palo Alto, California

The Dopest Gringo Alive is the last son of Krypton and the prophet of rawness. (rapper and producer all songs unless otherwise noted)

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