The Stupid Vision Quest EP

by DGA




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Take a journey through stars and shit maybe you'll cry and be happy or something. Maybe just rap music instead idk man

If my lyrics ever seem like they could mean multiple things its because they do.

If my lyrics ever disturb you don't worry. Sometimes I spit how I'm feeling but not how I'm thinking. Its like cleansing or some shit. Yknow like, art, man.

an S.Y.K. Joint


released 10 December 2013

DGA (Dopest Gringo Alive) - Lyrics, "Direction", "One"
Underbelly - Production for Look Around & Serenity Now
Soul Cousin - Production for Toothpick & Dumb Rap Shit
Stephen Watson - Artistic Photography and godlike visual vision

SYK, S.Y.K., Strangers K, Strangers You Knew Crew we out here sometimes



all rights reserved


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DGA Palo Alto, California

The Dopest Gringo Alive is the last son of Krypton and the prophet of rawness. (rapper and producer all songs unless otherwise noted)

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Track Name: Look Around (prod. Underbelly)
I look around side to side, they're blinded lookin forward
I'm lookin down no time, and I’m fired up as mortar
I sorta got a grip of it, but my mind is slipping
So I find a rhyme to kick it into rhythm so I’ll listen close

Sounds of the static on the TV, on the radio
Brain jelly jam traffic, believe me though my day is low
Walk like an unfed tiger, I’m a mean mugger
But I flicker like a wet lighter, no fightin these suckers

It’s the way of the world and the world has ways
To kick your ass in little circles every fucking day
And these suckers say it gets better but that’s pen on paper
This earth is just a muddled haze until I reach my human savior

Lost and found change, but I’m lying dimes and quarters
I’m here to wait the night out cus I’m fired up as mortar
Suckers wait for lights out, blinded looking forward
But I’m here to wait the night out and I’m fired up in torture

Walking to the corner in the middle of the darkness
When my center follow me I end up where I started
Sky-dive livin my body is the harness
I give a rib and see underneath it I’m heartless

Call me out and send me to a hellish old home
Do and die, crucify me on a telephone pole
Flow like Styx, till it hold my lips
Uncontrolled vision, know where eye is

Eyes of Isis please piece me together
The drop is heightless and the king’s men never are notified
Of hopeless type minds who strike the wide-eyes
With iodine of minds of brine

Kick a bucket hardware
Chewin on hemlock, sittin in an armchair
Sippin on fruit punch, layin on nails
Listen get screwed up, Pavlov tales

I get raised off the heat waves, I go crazy when the beat plays
I’m lazy all these days, when I spend my brain in deep space
I’ll be back soon, and I hope I live to tell it
Catch me writin letters down I better sound a relic

Never cry over spilled ink halo round my eyes angelic
Because I’ve seen the light and I regret it like a felon
It’s relative cus I’m a mellow kid I’m burnin up
She set a fire in my chest never got a breath, the world’s enough

It’s apparent, I shot off targets, got demerits
You thought I recognized you, I thought you caught me starin
It’s too much to bear in mind, to touch the stuff of legend my,
Feet in a sea of glass, it’s gotta be the clearest kind

Stall the weird design, where tears of mine appear in skies
Fall upon my tongue and whisper to my mind to fear it’s lies
Will my spirit rise, as I find a sign of better times
Or will I bear disguises and define the line of dead and live

I look around side to side, they're blinded lookin forward
I'm lookin down no time, and I’m fired up as mortar
I sorta got a grip of it, but my mind is slipping
So I find a rhyme to kick it into rhythm so I’ll listen close
Track Name: Mentality
School shooter mentality with a buddha reality
Mickey without a Mallory choosin to lose it proudly
Fuse lit in the gallery consume inhuman calories
Improvin every ounce of me the human being out of me

Lose his rude anatomy to bitch Vicky and Valleris
Stickin it end the malady innocence un-endowing me
Slit em in the throat and stick the body in the alley see
I'm livin in the hope an angel get the demon out of me
Track Name: Serenity Now (prod. Underbelly)
Tryna make my life physically glisten,
A city of pretty people all ready to listen,
Color and thought, rubble to rock readily written,
Steadily drop bombs till the knowledge is livin,

Beauty in a bottle-shaped body prolly got me
On a one-way method to a one-day ending
Where everybody stop and talk and look at him
A Sunday sentiment with some dame present in

The church lord glory it hurts to reminisce,
How’d it come to this, some days he wish he didn’t miss
She’s lookin lovely and I miss something,
Why the fuck I need a vision of what love bring

Should be down by the river roughhousing and kickin it
Bucklin down livin cus subtler sounds imminent
Touchin down, welcome myself, bring me the president,
Sun Tzu, klaatu barada nikto the mega-mix

Flavor of Dagobah swampin cerebellums,
Remote control couch, southern antebellum
So listen close, step back, Imma blow it up
Floin a sure thing as Super pickin Lois up

Ay… I think I’m growin up
…And if I’m blinkin slow enough
… I can catch an image of a woman getting to it,
Going rough and showing love and showin up

Dirty mind, certified murder eyes
Some days type to only be about his merchandise
Serve a banger beat up wit a burger, fries
Stir it in a rhythm and get it or it’ll hurry by

Scented, get down like unmentioneds
Resonate, levitate, stick it to the resin
All it is fitting cus he’s needin a livin
So he leave a beat smitten to his given fly gimmicks

Called by nature, mind raised in Asia
Caveman came up straight to brain trust
Bang bang till the blood beep hang up
A brother live once, no wonder that I may run

Yeller-belly elephant, elegant quick
Spit it wet as a pelican pick up a belly of fish
Hell yes, fully comprehensive
Proceed to precede the proceeds, lowly, pensive

Hermit… learnin gentleman beatnik
Slick, slippin the net clownfish comedic
Settle in and get wit it Tempur Pedic
I’m ever being a clever being headed to believe it
Track Name: All Rap Is Shit
Woah, Controversy, Let's get into it, yeah, alright, buddy boiiiiii
Track Name: Toothpick (prod. Soul Cousin)
Toothpick stickin in my frickin brain, chew on that
Spew on wax, move on max
Let a loop attack, true contact
Big man kickin in the roof on rap get ya new bomb jacked (oh that's funny)

Kim Jung Un-militant, illiterate
Fist up, choppin on the beat, get a pickled dick (ouch)
Foxy, Brown, watch her I calm down
Wrinkled rap sheets in my pocket when I walk around

Footprints sunny (bright), eyes all dark (bright)
Rap a stare match to the sun, my mark (bright)
Takin stairs back to the park, one love
Talkin through an escalade I hop, you watch, I levitate

Many stayin steady tame, I rip up out your teddy frame
Indie Indy Jones, hold a heart pump, set it straight
Heavyweight, meditate, jolly little buddha
Simmer, sauna, hotter than the water off a hookah

Damn grand sandwich Rocafella stack Puba (what?)
Malcolm in the middle of my mind shit
X's in my bitch, texan finna ride quick
Recipe a fly trip, ecstasy a mileage (drugs)

Send me with a smile into a wild asylum
Jivin to the vibin of your tiniest violin
Imma heartbroke beast but the flow show I'm man enough
Hopeless, and I'm romantic as fuck, what up
Track Name: Dumb Rap Shit (prod. Soul Cousin)
Fuck a famous person in particular, slicker than piss n vinegar
I ain't stoppin till Todd McFarlane make me in miniature
Image me doin my thing, cooler than bling
Too foolish to sing, try me in my dynasty ruler than Ming

Moola to bring back to baby the nice nikes
Man left dead in his track, feelin lifelike
Carbon nano copy, no jargon slammin sloppily
Walk with me kid, get quick, or leave a mockery

Hoppin outta circle, no duck
Yo I kick it in the field now I'm tryna run amuck, honey give it up
Slow, smooth, that's how it go dude
Old school tools for the goal, let a soul through

Cool, ice-block, rockin like its Santa here
Hangin from a chandelier, scalps are near the bandolier
Fanta, you can have a beer and banter with the master, peer
Fuck a class of (year), dare to hear and share the atmosphere

Throw a dart up on the map, imma get there
Appear out of thin air, mist(er) let a miss stare
And fare a hysterical parable to school ya good
I done did it, don't get it twisted like a hula would

Yo I knew you would, yo you knew what's good

{"Hook" as in Captain}:

Ay, and you know wassup
S.Y.K., we-ain't-even-give-a fuck

Ay, and you know wasgood
Yo we drop that dope and its understood

Beast to the west, finna feast on the flesh
Of the sucker MCs we defeat with a jest
Speak with the best flow, cheap as a check, yo
Leavin all you people gettin deep as a wreck (GO)

Liver than the livin dead, pike up in a pickled head
Hype it loud as minarets, psychin out my vision quest
Pose yo query: no sabe how we rockin?
...yo, we fuckin dope, no problem

Ay, and you know wassup
(West coast up in the holster finna blow the fuckin roof off)
Ay, and you know wasgood
(West coast up in the holster finna blow the fuckin roof off)

Yall, ready, know wassup
(West coast up in the holster finna blow the fuckin roof off)
And you also already know what's good
(West coast up in the holster finna blow the fuckin roof off)

Meddle in and dabble in elaborate effects n,
Settle in, saddle up, send the cattle vision questin'
Answer the question, the man or the method
Sicker than the livin and dead, half dissection

Stash cash collected, what's asked unaddressed n,
Laugh at your threatenin and bask in my freshness
Have to accept whether acid or mescaline
Practically headless Nick-of-time, mind pregnant

Brain chi(ld)ren, runnin out my mouth
Terry Gilliam, willin to kill it, bring it down now
Big Foot, Big Foot, born blurry
Trippin in my mind life that I put up in my pipe

Smokin hot, barbe-queue me to drop
In lieu of the Thrift Cock, be doin the hip hop
Provin we is not, what usually yall rock
With fluency mid-thoughts, unruly the kid's got that

Dope shit, you don't fuck wit
I son whole cliques with that dumb spit, that
Dope shit, you don't fuck wit
I son whole cliques with that dumb spit

(goinout to those people and that person as well as others idk breh)
(love heart mountain buddy sky grasp heaven grasp)
(S Y K, weaunevengiafuqq, peace!)